Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Confronting The Core Of Human Stupidity

Throughout my life, I have always endeavored to look past the shortcomings in others and appreciate them for the well-meaning individuals they generally strive to be. People, for the most part, are good. Time and again, however, I find myself encountering those few whose age does not necessarily reflect their level of maturity. Many of them hold office in high levels of authority. But, more often than not, they are plain and simple average joes like you and me.

Opinions, as anybody will agree, are as diverse as all the innumerable souls that comprise modern society. Sadly, what I've been reading these last several days, in wake of the positive strides towards equal marriage, has left me wondering just how many sane men and women are actually voicing those beliefs.

"Allowing gays to marry is like calling adoption child birth."

"Why not legalize marriage between siblings, family pets and their owners, while you're at it?"

Sibling marriage. Wow. Are there really that many homophobes who harbor the desire to marry their dog or a family member? Considering the sheer number of times I've seen this sentiment voiced by heterosexual men throughout varying media outlets, there remains precious little to make me or anybody else assume otherwise. It is pathetically embarrassing statements like these that stem from the mouths of people old enough to know far better that are inadvertently aiding the gay community in their fight for equality. The collective gutter-trash mentality that provokes such laughable worldviews so commonly shared by bigots is what also leads the greater majority of them to unfairly equate homosexuality with the vile act of incest and child molestation. Gay men and women, as a direct result of this hideous belief pattern, are automatically viewed as subhuman, sexually promiscuous perverts. These zealots maintain such outdated judgment despite the fact that many current same-sex couples have shared a life of committed love spanning three or more decades. How then, one might ask, can such obvious devotion so easily be dismissed as unworthy or less deserving of equal protection under law? In all honesty, outside of the tired biblical misinterpretations and unfounded fear that has so needlessly and foolishly brainwashed vast scores of generations, there is no valid rhyme or reason. Those who cast stones would rather cling to the unsubstantiated falsehoods of myth instead of adhering to the indisputable evidence of their own eyes. It is that sad fact, alone, that specifically illustrates why their asinine claptrap should never be accepted with anything more than a grain of salt.

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